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Branch chandelier – ultimate lamps rustic style with lamps made with tree branches. But also in these lamps we can find a very broad proposal. As we have been finding a multitude of proposals DIY lamps, natural materials with very appreciated for these lamps. But there are many models of lamps made from tree branches beyond manual labor lamps.

Posted on October 29, 2022 Chandelier

What are branches of trees it is that there is usually no two are alike. It is about finding a branch that has characteristics that fit us to get effect we seek. Then you need to put them light, and for this there are many options at our fingertips with retro-vintage accessories such as textile cord, lamp holder and decorative bulbs. Another proposal that has delighted us, are branch chandelier made from tree branches colors. Why not ?, with textile color screens and painted in bright colors branches, effect is ideal, and perfect for most colorful and fun decor. This if it is a mixture of styles!

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Simple Branch ChandelierSize: 990 x 1237

As we said, these branch chandelierĀ are well suited to light in rustic style. With more or less structured or rustic screens effect is entirely different. But they are also perfect for use as a combination of styles. We’ve talked on occasion of Nordic style in which natural materials are star, what could be more natural than tree branches?