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Outdoor patio string lights – Give your patio a magical spark for outdoor lighting Christmas trees with outdoor patio string lights. This method is easy to use lighting ideal for holiday decorations or any time of year. Choose from a variety of colors, multiple colors or white outdoor lights for your tree. Wrap lights around evergreen trees or small trees without leaves in front yard and back. Whether your outdoor wear for a birthday party, or wedding party, flashing lights make any occasion seem more special.

Posted on October 6, 2022 Lighting Ideas

Measure how far your chosen tree is nearest electrical outlet. You will need an extension cord or cable long enough to reach from base of tree to exit. Bring outdoor lights and place outdoor patio string lights next to your tree. Bring a ladder if necessary to reach top of tree, and bring to light thread end of ladder with you.

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Hang lights and place branches in same way until you reach bottom of tree. You may need to add outdoor patio string lights if you have more trees than lights. Remove ladder. Connect extension cord heavy duty for end of lights, and opposite of lights end to a plug for effect.