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Wrought iron chandeliers – Most of the time, the chandeliers are made of iron, that is, more accurately, made of wrought iron. Wrought iron becomes easily bendable when heated, due to low carbon content. The heating process known as forging iron, and steam iron and hand-held hammer used to shape and bend the metal into a form suitable for wrought iron chandeliers and other types of furniture. The modified iron pieces create a spectacularly beautiful and sturdy, the furniture. Different from the original wrought iron steel, in the sense that it is mixed with minute fragments of iron silicate.

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Wrought iron chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and styles, but the main varieties are rings, lantern, armed and well-known types. Armed force has a metal arm that comes from the central shaft. Some of these styles is more basic in design, with perhaps just a few twists in each arm, while others could be more elaborate, featuring lots of curls and fancy spins.

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Wrought iron chandeliers in this style often have shaped candle lamps on each arm. In accordance with the preferences of the public or fixture design, lampshades Mini can be used to cover every ball, or they can be left bare.